Stems ST-02

Stems is a desktop application that allows users to easily split a song into vocals, bass, and drums. I'm making that claim right now that this version (Stems ST-02) is the easiest and most effective music source separation software that exists today (July 21, 2023) xD.

I've re-built Stems from scratch, this time using Facebook's Demucs v4 library instead of Deezer's Spleeter library. Additionally, thanks to tons of new tooling around GPU support, it's much easier to host and run the model this time around! I'm currently using Replicate to run predictions, and Brev to develop on a GPU enabled NVIDIA instance.

Since 2019 (when we built the first version of Stems), not much has changed on the Electron side. EV Certs are just as (if not more) expensive as they've always been.


Stems is available at and costs $5/month for unlimited stems.