compton pledge

Compton Pledge

The Compton Pledge is a landmark guaranteed income initiative that will distribute recurring cash relief to low-income residents for two years. It is the largest city-based guaranteed income program in the United States. The project is led by Mayor Aja Brown alongside the Fund for Guaranteed Income and the Jain Family Institute.

Our team was hired to implement cash distribution systems that would allow program participants to receive their funds through a variety of convenient payment methods. This included the development of a frontend portal site that would onboard users and allow them to track and manage their payments throughout the duration of the program.

compton pledge

The Compton Pledge has a specific interest in helping the 1 in 4 residents who are unbanked. To assist in this goal, we made it a priority to implement many different payment methods so that program participants could receive their funds through the channel that best fit their specific needs. Our portal site includes support for direct deposit payments, PayPal and Venmo transfers, and allows users to request prepaid physical debit cards.

We designed prepaid cards to fit The Compton Pledge brand, and worked with card providers to build out automated systems for printing, balance loading, and mail distribution.

compton pledge

The Compton Pledge is partnered with many community-based organizations and local financial institutions. This coalition works together to form an extensive social safety net that will continue to thrive beyond the duration of the income pilot. Our portal is designed to provide quick and easy access to these resources and encourages users to take advantage of these offerings.

Desktop computer access is not a guarantee for many Compton residents. We took great care to ensure the mobile web variant of the portal was responsive, reliable, and easy to use.