was a live music streaming platform that we created in 2018. The service first launched as a mobile app (iOS & Android) and we followed that up with a desktop web experience a few months later.

Live broadcasting is traditionally a complicated process, and we wanted to streamline it as much as possible. We built easy-to-use tools that made it extremely simple for anyone to get started and stream live music (or host radio shows) from anywhere in the world.

Our responsive chat system and animated emoji reactions created a unique live experience that really made you feel like you were part of an event.

Initially the platform was audio-only, but we eventually added support for video streaming. was also built with an aim to help users discover new music. We built a live track recognition system that automatically identified songs in realtime and we used this data to populate tracklists for all of the content on the platform.

We made it easy to add your favorite tracks to Spotify or Apple Music with a single tap, and we built tools to let users find relevant content by searching for their favorite genres or artists.

An incredible community of independent musicians formed around and on any given night there was no shortage of incredible streams to tune in to.

Artists that regularly broadcasted on the platform included Father, Kreayshawn, Martyn Bootyspoon, meltycanon, Kaelin Ellis, Willy Crooks, Chuck Sutton, Yung Skrrt, Jonah Baseball, and so many more.

Ultimately, we were unable to find a financial model that would allow the platform to sustain itself. We discontinued the service on July 31, 2020.

We remain incredibly proud of and it's still our favorite thing we've ever built. We often talk about bringing it back in some form. Maybe someday.

You can listen to some of our favorite streams at